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Englishman Dave Whelan is Brazil World Cup ticketing agents, “Maggie reception” executives, was the United Kingdom soccer star Bobby.fut coins ps3 Charlton’s agent. Last week, Rio police crack down on illegal ticket sales network in the, he was arrested for illegally reselling tickets on FIFA officials are staying at the Copacabana Palace Hotel was arrested, but was released after a day of detention according to the Brazil media reported, after gathering more evidence, police suspected a FIFA official was involved, so plan to rearrest Whelan on Thursday expanded scope of investigation. But just arrived at the hotel about an hour before police, Whelan has escaped. Hotel’s surveillance video shows, still in his slippers, Whelan a backdoor slip away from the hotel. At present, the Rio police are trying to track down the World Cup’s biggest cattle. Police said Whelan was supposed to give tickets to sponsors, NGOs and families of the players to the “cattle barons” Fofana, who resold these tickets through a travel agent and an informant, involving 2 million pounds here is Rio or Buenos Aires?Cheap Fifa 15 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online Brazil police data show only 10th day, there were more than 10Tens of thousands of Argentina fans flocked to Rio, and has set up camp on a piece of open ground a few days before the other Argentina fans converge, their destination is only one-the maracana Stadium. While in Argentina team jerseys fans appear on the streets of Rio, give visitors a moment of confusion in other countries whether in Rio are Argentina’s capital Brazil fans and Argentina fans make an enemy for a long time, Argentina fans stationed, they have substituted taunt gay Brazil music. Some fans shouted: “Brazil, how do you feel about it! Maladuonabibeili strong! “Although disgusted with Argentina’s taunt, but Rio Tourist Board said they would” warmly welcome “the Argentina fans. Brazil media reports, police arranged more than 10,000 police around at the maracana Stadium. The military will also take part in the final security, an estimated 1000 people.

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