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Archyvas: Gegužė, 2014

fifa 14 coins Changchun Yatai in China professional league


Super League this year to give people is best remembered for a long time the Scudetto puzzle and mystery revealed only at the end of the last round also made the season’s thrills.fifa 14 coins Super spring Yatai has created a miracle in two-year growth, with a down-to-earth style, champion after the final against Shandong Luneng, shide and other traditional dance troupes. Changchun Yatai in China professional league history the fifth King, also marked the coming of the era of grass-roots. [More]

On September 14, Singapore United morning post website published an article saying: Chinese Super League team Changsha jinde team captain Li Zhenhong arrives in Hong Kong, 24th last month claimed several people trapped in a closed room, beaten 8 hours, forced to admit taking bribes in a game of match fixing in the Chinese Super League, the situation is like torture. Eventually this materialised, in any case, this is a vicious black involved the most serious events of the year. [More]

On August 11, the Hohhot Club official notice in the Chinese Football Association, decided to abandon the remaining League matches this year, put behind the game in a serious mess. Causes leading to the race event is: due to dissatisfaction with Wang Po back to run the team, team players in the League 14th round before challenging the Yanbian team game away from home for a few hours of collective “force”, resulting in football for the first time in China, “abandon the match” takes place. [More]

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