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Archyvas: Balandis, 2014

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Cannavaro, who is 39,<a href=””>fifa coins trader</a> is Italy legends in football history, the Neapolitans from hometown club career start, successively played for Napoli, Parma, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid. Cannavaro represents Italy national team played 136 times, he composed central defender partner Alessandro Nesta is the strongest defense of that era. At the Club, he also worked with Juventus and Real Madrid to win the League Championship and helped Parma earned UEFA Cup. 2006 Germany World Cup, Cannavaro as Captain represent the Azzurri lifted the World Cup trophy, he was named European Footballer of the year and FIFA World Player Cannavaro retired after the concluded contracts and aeraheli, a former Italy International hopes to become a coach, he has participated several times in UEFA Colvis Montepulciano base holding coaching courses. After Courtney was banned, Cannavaro was to express the wishes of the helm of Juventus. The Turin sports newspaper said Italy Cannavaro Soccer Association has seen as the best person to coach the national team in the future, they deliberately exploits the former national team during the 2014 World Cup to succeed prandelli after Cannavaro has no coaching experience, he was entered a UEFA coaching certificates.<a href=””></a> Italy media calls for a smooth succession of Cannavaro, former captain of the Azzurri would soon enter Italy national team coaching staff. He will serve as deputies of the incumbent head coach Cesare prandelli leading Italy captained Brazil World Cup, in addition to the familiar business environment, the Italy football association hopes that experience rapid growth help Cannavaro on the coaching job. Also, how many people have their own hearts head coach candidates, eyeing on this seat!

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